Saturday, 23 October 2010


20th October.

Either way there was going to be rejoicing.

Where it all happens

I had planned to write: ‘They gave me back my blog...hurrah. Thank you Google and thank you Sara. Thank you Gatsby, whoever and wherever you are for searching out my blog, lost through my own stupidity, into the vast and empty space of the unloved’. And thank you too the lovely friends who wondered where I had gone.

One tiny, almost involuntary movement of my left index finger, one thoughtless click and it was gone; cached for a while, but then gone.  I was beside myself . [A daft but apt description of my state of mind] My blog belonged to me, so much work and heart had been written into it.

Then an email came to say I could not have it back...not enough proof that it was mine. Who else could it belong to?

 I can quote chapter and verse. Who else has a JP, the Champion Bodger?  Who else had their second honeymoon in  a swish cliff top hotal in Acapulco, or crossed a high railway bridge on foot at seven years old. Who ran to Switzerland with Germans shooting at him? Who danced with GI’s at Margate’s Dreamland Ballroom?
Who sat under the stairs during an Air Raid, more terrified of the spiders that lived there than she was of the bombs falling around her?

Sazzie said ‘wait’. She will be here tomorrow and together we will try once more.

23rd October.

Then it turned out that she couldn’t make it.
I tried to put the whole idea out of my mind, read a book, did some tapestry, watched endless telly-but all the time my brain was buzzing, needing to be back amongst you all.

Else be forgotten.

I can do this, I thought, surely I can do this small thing without sending myself off into outer space again.

So here is a new place for me. Rather bare, no ribbons or bells or fancy doodads, but Saz will fix it up.  For now it is enough for me to be online again and hope I can be found.

Hello to all my friends out there, talk soon.



Saz said...

AHH MAMA>...GREAT TO HAVE YOU your new guise....

i do so hope they manage to resurrect THE VIEW FROM THIS END...all isnt lost if they do...

you are still amongst us...thankfully

so sorry I am not there to help you..
well done for creating this yourself..
luv you

saz x

libby said...

Welcome lovely to be trying out a new home.

Mr London Street said...

I hope they recover it too. But I am pretty sure you have a lot of stories to tell if the absolute worst happens and they don't. Either way, it's lovely to have you back and to read your words again.

Sensible Footwear said...

Hello - I came across your blog via Mr London Street's. Sorry you lost your blog. It must have been infuriating.
Very much enjoyed reading this first entry on your new blog.

p.s lovely to read the word 'doodads' also! Funny - but it's one of those of which I'm particularly fond.

lime said...

welcome back, moannie. i'd be heartsick just as you. we'll all make this new place as comfy and loved as the old one. hugs.

Moannie said...

Libby: Thank you so much.It has been horrible being on the outside looking in.

MLS: Hallo again. I've been sceaming 'let me in, please, I promise I'll be good.

Sensible footwear: What a great name. Thank you so much for stopping by. I can do better, I promise.

Dear Lime: I have so much to catch up on. Three weeks only and the blog world just carried on without me. Go figure!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Welcome back to BlogLand - it is dreadful that all your work may have been vortexed into a parrallel universe.

I have signed up to your new blog but I hope it is a temp one because we all want you to have your old one back, "A View for this End".

From what you say, it appears that "A View for this End" exists but Mr Blogger won't let you have it back. This is ridiculous. We know it is your's!!!

If enough of us write to Mr Blogger they must give it back to you. Please let us know how you get on and I am sure a whole army will swoop to your side with swords drawn ready for the battle.

'Speak soon'
Love and hugs ~ Eddie

Moannie said...

Thank you Eddie for your lovely comments.
I must edit that is meant to read 'The view from this end'oh dear.

I am told by Sazzie...who has been in touch with someone at Google, that there is still I chance I could get my old blog back. I do hope so, as I have two years of posts off and gone from sight. Not much chance of me republishing anything.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Yes noticed the error, "A view from this end" indeed. and it is on ALL our side bars.

I have an idea which will give Mr Blogger the proof they want:

Your Sunday Roast with David proves you are who you are:

Hope that does the trick.
Also get Saz to send her frightening piccie of her in a rage waving her arms about!!

Speak soon ~ Eddie

Hilary said...

Welcome back Moannie. But truly not all is entirely lost. I follow you in Google Reader and all of your past posts from your previous post remain archived there. I can click on any one of them and read them in full. If you like, I'd be happy to mail them to you (probably sometime after next week). I don't know how images might translate but text would be intact. Let me know and I'd be happy to help you with that.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Hello, Moannie! Glad to have you back, Piffle and all!

Hugs, Pat

She Writes said...

Welcome back. Life is ever changing :).

david mcmahon said...

So generously, so eloquently, you shared pivotal times of your life with us in a manner that we came to associate with you and only you, for you are so unique, our dearest Moannie.

So I have a wry smile on my face when I read that the official view is that there is not enough proof the “lost” blog is yours. Surely, the only proof that’s needed is the IP address of your computer. Same IP address (unique in this tech era of everyone’s computer having its own IP address) as the one that created all those great posts; same IP address of the person requesting that the blog be revived.

And even THAT failed?

Moannie, you are not the only one who has lost a treasure.

We all have.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Moannie,

Sorry to hear about your blog. We've had a terrible time lately when 2 years' worth of data (business and personal) plus photos of the children was wiped off our hard disk when we asked an "IT professional" to do something to it. We had not anticipated that he would do THAT to it!

The good news for you is that there is something called the "Wayback machine" which archives stuff that goes up on the internet. It might take a few years for it to re-appear but I'm fairly sure it will turn up one day. So you will be able to reconstruct it all one day.

Give it a go...all your stuff may be there already! Good luck!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I also remembered who told me/us about the Wayback machine. It was this chap who seems to know a lot about all IT/media things:

You could e-mail him and perhaps he could help you? Just a thought.

Merisi said...

Dearest Moannie,
I cannot see how the "Dear Spirits at Blogger" could deny you your blog! I keep my fingers crossed they relent and are satisfied with your ID and bring your blog back with a big red Blogger bow!
In the meantime, welcome back to Blogworld!
Big hug,

Stephen Parrish said...

Hilary is right. If you fed your posts to Google Reader, they're all still there, and can be reposted here. You haven't lost anything.

But you are more important to us than your archives. Welcome back. We'll be listening.

Suldog said...

Hurray! So glad to see you have a new home in the blogosphere! I've missed you.

Suldog said...

And now I have to tell you a funny story.

I immediately took the information for this blog and put it in the place on my sidebar formerly occupied by your old blog. Except, when I typed in the new title, I made a mistake.

Imagine my surprise when I went to check on whether I had made the link correctly, and I saw that I had typed in "A Pyramid Of Pizzle" as your new blog.

I have since made a correction :-)

Saz said...

you are priceless JIM!

Maggie May said...

I am so pleased to see you back and I do hope that you can retrieve the old one....... somehow.
Very worrying to feel that a click of the little finger can do this to a beautiful blog. Scary.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

So good to have you back!!! And I love the title.

I told Saz that your posts were still there in Google Reader, so if the worst came to the worst, we could all cut and paste and e-mail them to you!

Moannie said...

You very darlings, all of you. So good to be back amongst you all. I imagined it would take forever for you to find me again.

Sazzie has been working very hard on my account and has succcessfully managed to retrieve all my old posts and now I have them safely tucked away [so I may sneak some oldies back in]
Maggie May, you darling, as if my problems have any substance, how dare I make a fuss.

Stephen. What joy it is for me to be back and see your name again.

Jim: Pyramid of Pizzle! Why didn't I think of that? Bless you my friend.

Working mum:I think that is where Saz found them, thanks to Hilary for the suggestion.

Very soon I expect to get back to writing meaningful and deeply interesting posts again. but for the moment I think something light and silly is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Moanie, glad to have found you once again! Sounds like your posts aren't lost, just misplaced.

I was concerned about you when I clicked on your old link and it said your blog wasn't there, so I called on MLS to track you down! I am just glad you're okay and back on the air. I'm sure it will all sort itself out in the end.

You're never forgotten. Sheesh! ;)

Woman in a Window said...

Very odd, isn't it, "not enough proof that it was mine. Who else could it belong to?" And then your questions, who else? Yikes. It would feel as though a layer of skin had been taken, I imagine. I hope you get it back. Did you at least have your information saved? (Me, thinking nervously about backing things up.)

Regardless, here you are walking and sharing, the very same woman with the very same history. That skin can't be taken.


Saz said...

Lovely words Erin....l'm impatient for another post aleady from Moannie..

saz x

Merisi said...

So good to know that you are "here" again!
(And no, I have not forgotten that I already commented on this post!!! *giggles*)
Looking forward to anything you might come up with,
I will enjoy it, I just know.
Big hug,

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Welcome back - I've missed you!

Jay said...

It IS great to have you back!! I thought I'd lost you, or you'd lost you, or something. As it turns out GOOGLE lost you. How dare they!!

And you went back to Blogger. Tut tut tut. What an opportunity you missed to switch to Wordpress! ;)

How on earth are you supposed to prove the blog is yours??

Anonymous said...

hello-I have just come across your blog-I did not see the previous site.
The name of this one is intriguing to me. My mother has always used the word "piffle", as in "Oh, piffle!" when something is ridiculous. She is the only person I know who uses that word. Is it a common word in your area?
I plan to keep up with your site now that I have found you.

Leave It To Davis said...

You will never be forgotten.