Sunday, 21 November 2010

November: That 'inbetween month'

Mr London Street
   in his post Thirty Day Trailer says - [why am I always quoting him? Well, he is a source of interesting ideas and he doesn’t squeak if one steals an idea as long as he is linked] -that he has a lot against November; calls it the ugly sister of the calender.

What I have against November is that it has come too soon, the way that Friday seems to come straight after Monday most weeks, and I'm buggered if I know what happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Of course I totally lost a month when I lost my place in blogland, but that does not explain what happened to September and August, or the 9am that becomes noon, missing out ten and eleven o/clock in the process, then in a twinkling it’s time for bed and I have done nothing to make this particular day any more remarkable than those which preceded it.

November is a sad month coming as it often does after the joys of an Indian summer and seeming to stave off the Christmas Season with an outstretched hand and a screaming ‘noooooo, not yet, please!’. It reminds us that once again we have not fulfilled the promise we made after last years frantic rush, never to leave it all to the last minute, again.

November causes havoc in the gardens and in leafy glens. After the splendour of autumnal colours the leaves fall and turn to squidgy slimy muck underfoot.

November is the month of remembrance. November the 11th is marked by a two minutes silence, and the Sunday nearest to it is marked with pomp and ceremony, wreaths of Poppies, solemn marches to War Memorials all over the country and nationwide two minutes silence.

One year, on the 11th I was in Canterbury, browsing around the Saturday market. I was totally absorbed in my own company and my search for something or other that was terribly important to me at the time. Truthfully, I had not noticed the date and wondered why so many people were standing around as if deep in thought. I wove in and out of them, a little irritated at the slow pace of everyone, or almost everyone; the fact that there were those who were going about their business continued to lull my dull senses. There were a few ‘tuts’ and some black looks but it wasn’t until the Cathedral Bell tolled the ending of  the silence and everyone moved that the enormity of my behaviour brought on a rush a shame and sick sweat and a wave of red that crept over me from head to toe. I abandoned my shopping a drove home.

But there is something good that happened in November. I least I think so.
I was conceived on November the 11th 1933. No doubt about it, it was a good month for me.


FigMince said...

...and presumably also a good month for your parents.

Merisi said...

That's an interesting thought to know the date of one's coming into being! I can only speculate, late August, first September days.

I have a love-hate relationship with November. What I love is that grey skies end the frenetic pace of enjoying Indian Summer to the last drop (I am not complaining about good autumn weather, just about my strong desire to take advantage of every last golden October day, letting things at home slide).

Leslie: said...

Awesome post! I have to admit that I have yet to participate in a service on Nov. 11th but I do think about all those who died for us to have freedom. And I agree with you that Nov. 11, 1933 was a great year! :D

Maggie May said...

I agree that November is a rather dull month. I do feel patriotic about the 11th though and am so grateful for my freedom.

Not many people could say exactly when they were conceived!!!!!!
I used to wish my time away by thinking, "Only a few more months & it will be sunny again!"
I don't do that now as I live in the here & now.
So the rest will come soon enough!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Mr London Street said...

If you had my job you too would want Friday to come straight after Monday most weeks! It's the way that, like tomorrow, Monday will feel like it came straight after Friday that bothers me.

Lovely post - and very flattering that mine gave you food for thought.

Hilary said...

A wonderful November post. I could feel that horrified realization seep into your thoughts. I hope you got over it quickly though.

libby said...

I think I'm the only person I know that enjoys November. Feels like a peaceful breathing space month before Christmas.

Saz said...

Ma!! You should retell the story of how you came to be, so bittersweet
saz x

aims said...

I think Novembers are a good month and a sad month.

I too was born in November. Unfortunately my mother died on my birthday - many years later - not in childbirth.

It is always bittersweet and I don't celebrate my birthday at all.

Jules~ said...

Very good post. I love how you weave about and bring it all together.
I must admit that many a time I don't realize the importance of a day until I see it in bold letters on the calendar and then that is usually at the end of the day when I am winding down.
I can so relate to your thoughts on the hours going by too. How many a time do I look at the clock and realize "yikes it is 2pm and I haven't even showered!"

Blessings to you today.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Moannie!! I love this!! And November is a special month for me as well!! Happy Belated Birthday! Just stopping by to say "hello!" ~Janine XO