Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Sometimes it seems that we agree on very little. Perhaps it is simply a ploy to add a little spice to his day, or perhaps he just loves to argue, and have the last word.

Well this time the word was DAMP.

It was a very grey day, the clouds were thick, smothering the sky. The morning chores finished, grate cleared and re-laid, ready for a match to change the mood of the room. Lunch over I took Milou for his afternoon run, well walk, a brisk round the houses and back sharpish as it was cold.

Me. Yes, but cold.
JP. Can't be cold, not with clouds that tick.' [not a spelling error]

He has this idea that if it rains, it can't be cold because if it was cold the rain would be snow or sleet.

Me. Well, it was, and because it is damp it seems colder, a clammy cold.
JP. You mean, Humid? [actually he said 'umid ]
Me. No, it is only humid when it's hot, Damp when it's cold.
JP.  And you are the one with a BA?
Me. Now you are becoming annoying..It is my language, surely you can admit that I must be right. It was cold and Damp

I dug in the bookcase and carried the Dictionary into the kitchen, thumping it down on the table.
Me: There, Damp:[oh oh] Slightly wet......
JP. 'umid.
Me. Humid.It says...[oh bugger!] Damp.
JP. Both right then?
Me. Well, I still believe  it is not correct to say that it is damp. For instance during the rainy season in Mexico, and the  air is full of infinitesimal amounts of water - what it is then - is Humid. Muggy and Humid.
JP. So if I go to the garden now and sit on the bench....the seat will be 'umid?
Me: No. Damp.

JP. [In high dudgeon] Perfidious Albion.

Later on I run to the village shop for ciggies.

JP. Was it damp or 'umid.
Me. [with a grin] Moist!

My score, I believe!


Saz said...

I am laughing so much Patrick has paused the film....

Perfidious albion....had to got to wiki and investigate, you threw me there Ma!! not exactly entente cordial then!! LOL


so GREAT you are back in the saddle...great post...

saz xb


Eddie Bluelights said...

The words, damp, humid and moist will never quite be the same again LOL
Loved it and I'm still laughing!
Hey it's quite damp outside LOL
But humid in the shower LOL
. . . and I don't feel in the slightest moist LOL
Hugs ~ Eddie

libby said...

How encouraged I am by 'listening in' to your marital verbal shenanigans...the love is there, the humour, and it makes me feel that if me and my mister can be together as long as you and JP and still have a laugh together then we will be very lucky..

Hilary said...

Too funny. You two need your own comedy routine. ;)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, I love it! You caused me to startle the cats with my laughter.

"Perfidious Albion" is a perfect high dudgeon response; my complements to JP.

I agree with you re: damp vs. humid, despite what the dictionary may indicate. Aren't words wonderful?

Daryl said...

Hilary is almost right ... I do believe you already have a comedy routine!

Suldog said...

How wonderful it is to be able to have exchanges such as this without getting into a shouting match. Many people can't manage such things, and more's the pity. Here's a (virtual) toast to your lovely relationship!

Jay said...

'Perfidious Albion!' Hahahahahaha!

I am learning Italian, and the word for damp is .. you guessed it - 'umido'! LOL!! Nevertheless, you are right, of course. 'Humid' in english is for warm damp, or 'moisture laden air' type of weather.

Jules~ said...

Oh this was too funny. My argument would be on your side for sure. I would use all the same words and know exactly what you were talking about.

Moannie I am so glad you came by this morning for a "visit" I have been so bummed at not being able to find your blog all of a sudden and worried about you.

Have a blessed and wonderful day today.

aims said...

All of the above comments say what I am thinking!

But here's the question. How long did it take you two to get where you are now? To the point that you don't throttle him physically - although you may want to - and can laugh about it so easily?

Just wondering you know.........

Moannie said...

aims. The answer to your question is...I'm not there yet...I only tell you the good bits, of course.

Merisi said...


I tried to become a follower,
and not for the first time,
but all I get is the answer "Can't handle the request ... ".
Just so you know it is not for the lack of wanting!
A wonderful Sunday to you and yours,

lime said...

hahaha, your last word was brilliant!

Merisi said...

Simply delicious exchange! :-)
I think I have never felt cold and humid. ;-)

MaggieGem said...

LOL... reminded me of George and Gracie Burns, hey couldn't been!

Congrats on POTW!

slommler said...

Great post!!! Reminded me of George and Gracie too!! Ha!!
Congrats on the POTW!!

gaelikaa said...

We (me and my man) can fight on the point of a word. I usually withdraw and get off the scene before I get too carried away, because we're both stubborn.

Congrats on your POTW mention this week.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

hahahahaha! At least you are communicating.

ellen abbott said...

I'm with you. Damp in the winter, humid in the summer.

Lori said...

Marriage absolutely requires a good sense of humor as this. Congrats on POTW!

Don said...

Funny stuff. POTW was right again!

Tabor said...

Nice intellectual argument...better than politics any day. Congrats on your POTW>

Cricket said...

Heh, heh. I, for one, understand your distinctions. Although, when it's cold and wet I usually call it "raw."

As I always say to anyone who will listen (precious few): It ain't the humidity, it's the heat.

Belated congratulations on your potw. Am just now catching up.

Land of shimp said...

Oh good, you've returned from the ether!

Hehehe, unfortunately I knew you were in for it with "humid" but you triumphed nonetheless :-)

Congratulations on the post of the week mention, and for having the last word!