Thursday, 25 November 2010


I needed something from the store and was crossing  the living room towards the front door, when I chanced to look out of the window just in time to see JP emerge from the side door into the garden. He was looking down, and frowning and then he half-ran half danced down the path toward the gate waving his outstretched arms up and down as if on a very slow take off run. I peered through the glass, ducking back quickly as he turned and walked slowly back up the path.

Now I should mention here that lately he has been very grumpy in the morning; irascible actually...well truth to tell, a lot of the time his tolerance of the human voice, particularly mine, is limited, so I try to keep conversation to a minimum for as long as possible.  He came into the room.

Me [big smile] What was all that about?

JP. All what?

Me. That dance up the path.

JP. No idea what you are talking about.

Me. Come on. What on earth were you doing, you don't usually dance down to the wheelie bins. [laughing]

JP. Where are you going?

Me. Don't change the subject.

JP. Tell me where you are going and I'll tell you what I was doing.

Me. You first. [you can tell that we have pretty dull lives if we can make a drama out of nothing.]

JP.  [looking sheepish]

Me. [suddenly putting two and two together; the half run, the downcast eyes and flapping arms] Oh my God...[now laughing hysterically] It was the wretched Starlings again...wasn't it?

JP.Weeeelllll! The greedy %$&^***!'s. zose pointy beaks, I 'ate zem.

Me.It was worth it just to see you flapping your arms for take off.

JP. So, where are you going.

Me. To the store, but I've forgotten why.

JP. Silly beech!


ellen abbott said...

I get the whole silence in the morning thing. Me and mine don't speak to each other for at least two hours after rising.

aims said...

laughing - Where's the video camera when you need it!

Hilary said...

It was for bird seed, wasn't it? You were going to the store to get food for those starlings. ;)

Love this, Moanne. Next time, on video please!

Woman in a Window said...

I'm not sure who I love more, you or JP. I think I'll call it a match.

Going to the store for bird seed? Ha!

Oh, and I've a dastardly horde of starlings living in, what we call, our poop pipe. Every winter they must go somewhere else, but sure as shit, they show up again in the spring and move babies et all into the pipe which runs out of our house at the second story, alongside our power lines, which is why we haven't rectified the problem via ladder. And every spring I begin my eight month banging of the pipe to move the little bastards out. JP and I would get along famously, I do believe, however, I squawk quite a lot.


Saz said...

the biggest laughs I have these days is listening to you two....shouting, ranting, venting, coooooing (not that often these days) and l am rolled over with laughter....

can't wait to see you...14 days...

saz x

libby said...

Such fun.....your daily little conversations or adventures are both ordinary and extraordinary....normal life carrying on and LOVE shining out.

Leslie: said...

Tres amusant! Love how you manage to get accent in.

Jules~ said...

Too funny. I love that you two have joy in the seemingly small things. That makes it all the more fun to share lives together.

Blessings to you today.

lakeviewer said...

You two have too much time on your hands. Love this!

Maggie May said...

I reckon you need a couple of rabbits to look after and a family dropping in & out all the time!
Yes..... definitely too much time on your hands.....but..... sounded a bit like our house at times!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

That's very funny! It reminds me of the time my softball manager was trying to rid our playing field of migrating geese, so he ran all around the field flapping his arms and making big honking noises, as though he were the head goose.